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About Kavita Patel, MD, CCMS

Throughout my life, food as it relates to chronic disease has always been a passion of mine.  In my Undergraduate years, I researched the impact of high fat diets on the largest blood vessel in our body; it happened to be the time that trans fats had gained rapid public awareness. I also studied the roots of an ancient form of medicine, Ayurvedic medicine.  The focus on one's body as a balance of three main harmonies was the foundation upon which I began studying modern medicine. 


As I entered medical school, I was sure I would become a Pediatrician.  One summer, I helped launch a pediatric obesity clinic.   I felt that to truly make a difference on childhood obesity, I needed to empower the adult decision makers.  My residency choice shifted to Internal Medicine. 


During clinical practice, I was identifying more adults with diet-related diseases and needed specific ways to provide guidance.  Simply advising someone to cut back on salt for rising blood pressure, or monitoring fat intake for rising LDL, was just not enough.  If it were, heart disease would not be the number one cause of death in our country. 


People need solutions; I want to provide them.


I chose to certify in Culinary Medicine to bridge the gap between the doctor's office, and the intricacies of what individuals consume.  Ultimately, my goal is to empower people to make choices that promote their long term health and reduce their risk for heart disease.  I plan to provide individuals and families with guidance on how to choose health-promoting foods, and tips for making nutritious meals an affordable reality.

3 hungry boys.jpg

The boys who inspired me to start this journey.  There is always a belly waiting for "nom nom" in our home.

“Young adulthood represents an unprecedented opportunity for cardiovascular disease prevention, as individuals who reach midlife with optimal risk factor levels have been shown to live substantially longer and healthier lives with low absolute risks of cardiovascular disease.”


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