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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from a Dietician?

CulVita Consulting's mission is to clarify the "therapeutic lifestyle changes" that are recommended to patients in the clinic without specific or individualized details.  My goal is to help guide people through an identified issue and prevent it from becoming chronic.  For some clients, that could be using diet to lower their blood pressure so their physician can decrease a medication dose.  For others that may be using food to help reduce their risk for osteoporosis.

Can my children/spouse/significant other be present? 

Yes, in fact I welcome their presence.  Engaging in discussions as a community will create a stronger foundation for clarity and successful implementation of the topics we discuss.

Are you my new Primary Care Physician?

No. My goal is to bridge the gap that exists between the clinic exam room and one's kitchen.  Everything we discuss is synergistic with the health plan provided by your medical doctor.

Do you come to my home?

Every consultation is virtual. Ideally, great dialogues develop when you are in your kitchen.

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